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Welcome to my blog


I may try and keep this little blog... there's lots to write about... bit busy right now, but will endeavour to keep this up over time :)



By elitenai, Jul 11 2020 05:06PM

Time for a revamp! It's been hectic and a little crazy this year, and we are still catching up with a lot of those sideline jobs - well here's one... a little website change - hope you like... will give it a complete overhaul soon, but for now, a little change around will do it good :)

Take care for now,

Teresa xx

By elitenai, May 31 2018 05:39AM

So much has changed since the last blog post below! I found out that I'm rubbish at keeping up to date with blogs! lol...

The salon is going from strength to strength, and it doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon. Every waking minute is taken up with 'business stuff' and I love it! (I knew that - I've had small businesses all of my life, and I actually don't know what I'd do to occupy myself if I didn't have one!)

We now have six staff and are looking to take on more.

Personally, my nail artist experience has increased, not only through more classes and education, but also the honor of working alongside Marian Newman in London and Paris behind the scenes at the Fashion runway shows. Fantastic opportunity! Loving it.

Also an alumni of the Global Nails:Mastered program, furthering experience and collaborations with like minded creatives :)

My favourite things - nails and travel, all wrapped up together!

Keeping very busy

Onwards and upwards



By elitenai, May 21 2017 04:02PM

So the time is nearly here to open the new salon :) :)

The idea was born from the need to fit more clients in... I've felt terrible when I can't fit people in for nails... and have had to turn many away over the last year. The salon will enable me to fit more peope in and gain some help.

I may try and keep this little blog going... there's lots on my plate right now, but I like keeping in touch with everybody, so will endeavour to keep this up to date :)

The project of the salon has take way too long - through no fault of our own... the tradies we joined team with have all been amazing and super quick... it's just paperwork delays with the council - currently around 11 weeks since we first applied. (Sigh) Nearly there though now. We had to follow through a 'Change Of Use' application, as the premise was an 'office' and not a 'shop' so that has to be changed. Then signage permissions etc.

We also had some delays on furniture delivery. The last of it should have arrived in Fremantle dock yesterday, (originaly due on 2nd May) so hopefully that will be on it's way soon too.

Can't wait to get it all open! I'll post on the Facebook page once it's ready :)

Write more soon,



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